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Professional service is offered and provided to the clients in the following areas.

Audit and Assurance

External Audit
Optimizing the benefits of audits to our clients is a major priority. We provide opinions in accordance with national statutory requirements and in compliance with international accounting and auditing standards. Our work includes a review of internal controls, testing of selected transactions and communication with third parties to form our conclusions on financial statements. Our perspective of client’s organisations, with our knowledge of industry, allows us to give practical business insights and ideas on financial and business risks on a continuous basis. 

Due Diligence
Our due diligence services help our clients maximize the advantages of contemplated transactions and  to identify exposure and risks. Our multidisciplinary teams of auditors, management consultants, lawyers and tax consultants with the specialized knowledge the client needs, work under the direction of due diligence professionals.

Special Audit
Our firm is well equipped to provide special services like fraud investigations, investment audits, compliance audits and other special assignments necessary to provide assurance to management and interested parties. 

 Control Assurance (Internal Audit)
The firm has also been retained in the role of an internal auditor as an outsourced function, where this has been cost effective and helpful for the clients. The organisation benefits from a level of internal audit performance and delivery that is contractually agreed. 

We also help our clients to identify, develop and test internal control policies and procedures within business process and information technology environments. These services include but are not limited to audit of financial statements or as individual projects resulting from major organizational changes, implementation of new technologies or reliance. We provide assurance in connection with custom system development projects and applications requiring the testing of data quality and integrity.

Taxation & VAT Service

Accounting Methods and Periods
Are you taking full advantage of income deferral or deduction acceleration? Many companies do not use the most tax-efficient accounting methods. So they may not be leveraging opportunities to maximize cash flow. Do you know which current statutory provisions allow for income deferral or deduction acceleration? Expanded automatic consent procedures ease the process, but do you know which accounting method changes are subject to them?

If your business cannot address these issues efficiently and effectively, or if you do not have the in-house know-how to handle this task, we can help. Consider these services:
Comprehensive review—A review of your books and records, and interviews with tax department personnel that reveals current accounting practices and valuable insights into your organization. These lead to new tax strategies for improving cash flow.
Discuss strategies—Presentation of recommended changes to your existing accounting methods and analysis of the potential benefit to your organization.
Compliance, Document filing and Follow-up.

Process and Technology
For tax information-reporting professionals, the growing demand for tax involvement in business decisions presents special challenges. Resources may be stretched thin. Key business decisions create reporting complexity. Compliance now extends to an increasingly international workforce. 
We may help to use technology and associated processes for greater advantage by:

  • Improving compliance efficiencies

  • Identifying tax-process redesign opportunities

  • Providing access to tax planning ideas

  • Resolving staffing needs

We render professional services in the following arena for our clients :

  • Prepare and submit income tax & VAT returns.

  • Conduct quantitative analysis of data for tax planning purposes.

  • Prepare documentation for compliances to National Board of Revenue (NBR) offices.

  • Appeals, Tribunals and Income Tax issues with High Court Bench.

Strategic Tax Review
If your business is undergoing changes, its tax position is no doubt changing, too. Hidden opportunities exist within that changing environment — opportunities for additional deductions, cash savings, tax refunds or strategies for lowering the effective tax rate.
Even if you’ve had a recent tax review, chances are that additional opportunities are still there.  A Strategic Tax Review  can help you unlock this hidden value, reduce your effective tax rate and find ways to fund tax department operations or other cash flow needs of your business
Our Strategic Tax Review is a thorough, collaborative and flexible process of reviewing your tax position. We focus on finding permanent items that lower your effective tax rate and improve earnings per share, as well as temporary items that provide immediate and recurring improvements in cash flow by reducing the current and future year’s tax payments.


Business Advisory & Financial Management

Financial Analysis
The requirement for professional financial analysis is inevitable in today's ever competitive business environment. We assist clients in arriving at rational business decisions. The increased number of business mergers and acquisitions, the need to source funds for growth, seeking lower costs of financing and reporting also warrant the need for financial analysis.

 Accounting and Financial Advice
Accounting functions are also one of the first areas to feel the strain as companies look for ways to reduce costs. Outsourcing may also be required by users of financial statements for more financial and business information about the company s current and future performance. We assist in clients respond to new rules and regulations, including disclosure requirements, as well as to seek international opportunities to address certain challenges, and offer advice on developing accounting functions, training staff or even outsourcing record keeping including payroll support.  

Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning
We assist the client in preparation of cash flows for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Professionals in the firm are well equipped to analyse clients' strategic and financial position in the business.

Financial Modeling
In making any investment decision, evaluating the risks undertaken and testing the business and financial options are critical steps in the decision making process. We prepare feasibility study report to map out an ideal Financial Model to identify business options and risks undertaken in relation to the investment and suggest the best solutions for optimum returns. We assist clients in developing financial models for a variety of transactions in project finance, mergers, acquisitions, valuations and fund raising activities among others.

We possess expertise to provide valuation and appraisal service of businesses, closely held companies, partnerships, investment trusts and individuals. In addition, we advise on the valuation of securities, fixed assets, real estate, intangibles and other assets for purposes such as IPO planning, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, corporate restructuring, litigation and other critical matters.

We also perform valuations of business entities, intellectual property, intangible assets, ordinary and preferred stock, other securities along with partnership interests, private debt instruments, options, warrants, and other derivative products.


Corporate affairs and Registrar of Joint Stock of Companies & Firms (RJSCF)

Company Formations and Others
We advise and assist the client in selecting the location for their business formation and documentation, filing return, share transfer, joint venture registration, identification of a national partner if required, assisting in licensing and complying with legal requirements, business set-up and relocation. These include meeting regulatory requirements for setting up  branch and liaison office for international businesses in Bangladesh .

Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions are key strategies for enhancing strength, competitiveness, and profitability. We can offer strategic advice on project management, activities and negotiation of transactions.

Liquidation Advisory & Arbitration
We assist clients in achieving commercial solutions to business wind-ups, disputes whether on a national or international level. We also act in all types of court work, manage required lawyers in the conduct of cases for arbitrations.


Management Consultancy & IPO Advisory

Human Resources Transformation Services
Advising clients on how to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their HR service delivery model and operation of the HR function, ranging from process design to self-service applications and enabling technologies, and considering in sourcing, outsourcing, and offshore solutions.

Organization and Change
Addressing the critical elements of organizational effectiveness, workforce planning and analysis, strategies,  and  workplace management we also help improve key components to change leadership, including leadership development, technology and process adoption, learning and development, culture, knowledge management and capability transfer and communications.

IPO Advisory

Additionally we render Pre-IPO advisory services to upcoming companies. Our services include but are not limited to Partnership Accounting System, Fixed Asset & HR  management system. Taxation & VAT compliance in line with the SEC rules & regulations. We also work as link between IPO issuer, regulatory authority & Compliance insurers for the IPO issuers.


Private Client Services
We help individuals, professional groups, and family businesses preserve and optimise their wealth. Services offered by us include investment advice, tax planning and compliance, family wealth and inheritance planning, family business consulting and estate planning.

We also provide comprehensive, independent and objective wealth planning advice and services to affluent individuals and families, executives and owners of closely held businesses.

Capital Market
Our professional  personnel are also capable for and having experience to provide services to  make decisions about choosing the means of finance and assist in raising the fund from public as equity through Underwriting, Pre- IPO placement and IPO.

Contracts Consulting
We help companies understand and address business risks associated with contracts, performing and negotiating under the laws relating to the sale of goods and the impact of other commercial laws. In conjunction with law firms we assist clients to negotiate and finalise commercial contracts of varied nature.

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